Our collection of Smokey Quartz offers a rare and beautiful transparency that draws light into shades of brown. With crystals as pale as a wisp of smoke, dark as midnight waters or warm and rich as cognac by the fire.

Smokey Quarts was known as a ‘Stone of Power’ and was often used for healing purposes as well as a protective stone. It was introduced to the gem world in 1837 and named for its color for which was likened to smoke.

Smokey Quartz has been found all over the world but mostly in Brazil, Scotland & Switzerland.

The color varies from light to dark and has become very popular as a neutral stone.

Throughout history Smokey Quarts was once used for crystal balls.

So Purchase one of our unique stones and see what the future brings.

Here at David’s we only choose to sell natural Smokey Quarts (unheated or treated).

December 08, 2017 — Ester Edry