Loved for centuries across cultures and locations. Turquoise comes in many different colors & qualities. Persian Turquoise is unlined, solid blue color. This form of Turquoise was extremely popular during the Victorian Era, worn mainly by younger girls. The most desirable color was the ‘Robin Egg Blue’ or ‘Sky Blue’. Since the most desirable stones came from Persia, the term “Persian Turquoise” was applied to the finest, highest quality, unlined solid blue color stones. However, the name does not suggest geographic location of the stones, many of them come from the world-famous Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona. This type of Turquoise is still the most desirable, reaching prices per carat sometimes higher than diamonds. Today, this is also one of the rarest Turquoise and not always readily available. Most pieces of Persian turquoise will be set in gold mounting.

Another famous type is our beloved Southwestern Turquoise. Unlike the Persian turquoise, the webbed matrix of the stone is being celebrated. Different location in the South West area of the USA yield various matrix formation and different color of the stones; from vibrant blue color to beautiful light green colors. The matrix could vary between black, brown, yellowish and sometimes white. Most pieces of this type of Turquoise will be set in Traditional Sterling Silver Native American designs from the Navaho & Zuni tribes.

Just like any stone today, Turquoise is being treated and beautified by various techniques. Because of such enhancements such as stabilization, dying, reconstitution, & doublets, Turquoise could be purchased for pennies compare to the natural stones -- untreated stones. At David’s we are a bit snobbish about the stones we carry, and strive to only carry natural stones that have only been waxed or oiled at most.

December 06, 2017 — Ester Edry