C is for Coral

Coral is a gemstone but unlike other gemstones that are mineral origin, Coral is organic, formed by living organism.

Natural Coral can come in array of colors such as red, orange, pink, white & black. Coral can change colors depending on the environment conditions, they encounter, and they can also become white or translucent when stressed. Generally, their brilliant color comes from the Zooxanthellae (tiny algea) living inside their tissues. Several million Zooxanthellae live and produce pigments in one inch of coral. These pigments are visible through the clear body of the polyp and are what gives the coral its beautiful color.

Coral lives in tropical waters throughout the world. It could take up to 10,000 years for a coral reef to form.  The fastest coral grow at 6” per year but most grow less than 1” per year. Coral reefs are the most diverse of all marine eco systems. One quarter of all ocean species depend on reefs for food and shelter. Because of they are so diverse coral reef are often call the rain forest of the sea.

Coral Species may be protected under international, domestic or even state environmental law. Some corals species are listed under Endangered Species Act (ESA). Each USA state may have separate regulation that protect the harvest of coral within its waters. Prices of coral have increase over the past years because of the high demand for natural coral. There are regulation on red coral harvesting but are not being followed which could cause a depletion of the beautiful gemstone used in Jewelry making.

For the future generation to be able to enjoy the marvels of the seas, we would like to help preserve the beautiful coral reefs by not contributing to Illegal harvesting or ‘Souvenir divers’. Our coral jewelry is either from antiquity times or extreme vintage pieces.  

Now is the time to corale that special someone with a piece of coral jewelry.

December 13, 2017 — Ester Edry