C1960 Turquoise Stone Netsuke with Circling Foo Dogs

$300.00 $700.00

Step back in time and experience the unmatched beauty of our circa 1960 netsuke, a remarkable carving that brings to life the dynamic essence and symbolism of Foo Dogs. Crafted from the finest turquoise stone, this piece stands as a vibrant testament to traditional artistry and cultural heritage. The Foo Dogs, revered in mythology for their protective powers, are depicted in a perpetual motion of circling, symbolizing eternal vigilance and strength. Every detail in this exquisite netsuke is meticulously rendered, showcasing the skillful hands and deep reverence for symbolism that defines vintage craftsmanship. This piece is not just an object of beauty; it is a portal to the past, inviting you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history and artistry.


  • Material: Turquoise Stone
  • Theme: Circling Foo Dogs, Symbolism of Protection
  • Era: Circa 1960
  • Technique: Meticulous Carving
  • Condition: Exquisite Detail, Preserved with Care
  • Cultural Significance: Embodies Traditional Artistry and Mythological Symbolism

Note on Turquoise Stone Carvings:

At [Your Company Name], we celebrate the beauty and significance of vintage craftsmanship, especially when it brings cultural heritage and artistry to the forefront. Our collection of turquoise stone carvings, including this stunning c1960 netsuke with circling Foo Dogs, is carefully curated to ensure that each piece tells a story that resonates with history, beauty, and meaning. We invite you to explore the depth of tradition and the finesse of artistry with our carefully selected pieces, each offering a unique window into the past and the timeless appeal of skilled craftsmanship.