Vintage1950s Ivory Netsuke: Mother Monkey & Baby


Dive into the essence of maternal affection with our "1950s Ivory Netsuke: Mother Monkey & Baby," a captivating piece that beautifully encapsulates a tender moment in nature. This exquisite ivory netsuke portrays a mother monkey attentively tending to her baby while sharing a meal, a scene that resonates with warmth and care. Crafted with precision using the hot needle technique, this artifact not only showcases the intricate details of the monkeys' expressions and textures but also embodies the timeless bond between mother and child. Each curve and contour of this piece tells a story, bringing the serene beauty of nature into your collection. Our dedication to conservation and historical education is reflected in the meticulous care and respect with which this piece is presented.


  • Material: Ivory
  • Technique: Hot Needle Carving
  • Theme: Mother Monkey with Baby
  • Era: 1950s
  • Dimensions: [Insert Dimensions]
  • Condition: Exquisitely preserved with detailed craftsmanship
  • Cultural Significance: Captures a natural, maternal bond

A Note on Ivory:

At David's, we are fully committed to the ethical acquisition and sale of historical ivory pieces. We emphasize that all ivory items in our collection were procured before the end of the 1960s, well before the enactment of global elephant conservation efforts. We oppose the exploitation of any part of nature or living beings for art or entertainment. Our ivory collection aims to honor the majesty of elephants and to foster an appreciation for historical artifacts, educating current and future generations about their significance and beauty.