C1950 Vintage Bone Netsuke: Fisher with Bird


Immerse yourself in a scene of harmony and cooperation with our circa 1950 hand-carved netsuke, depicting a traditional fisher standing alongside his well-trained bird. Crafted from bone with meticulous attention to detail, this antique piece captures the essence of a time-honored partnership between man and nature. The netsuke portrays the fisher in a moment of quiet anticipation, with his loyal bird perched ready, both poised for the day's catch. This beautifully rendered scene not only showcases the skill of the artisan but also embodies the mutual respect and dependence that define such relationships. This vintage netsuke, item code 882647a, serves as a window into the past, offering a tangible connection to the artistry and history of traditional fishing practices.


  • Material: Bone
  • Subject: Traditional Fisher with Bird
  • Era: Circa 1950
  • Technique: Hand-Carved with Precision
  • Condition: Excellently Preserved, Rich in Detail
  • Cultural Significance: Represents Man-Nature Partnership
  • Item Code: 882647a

Note on Craftsmanship and Historical Value:

This netsuke, beyond its aesthetic appeal, is a celebration of craftsmanship and a nod to the enduring legacy of traditional practices. The choice of bone as a medium adds depth to the piece, linking it to the natural world it represents. As custodians of history, we are committed to preserving such artifacts, offering collectors and enthusiasts the opportunity to own a piece of cultural heritage that speaks volumes about human ingenuity and our relationship with the natural world.