Eternal Circle of Good Fortune Ivory Netsuke - Serene Dance


Explore our finely carved hippo ivory netsuke, featuring an eternal circle of good fortune with a dog holding a bat holding a cat. The serene faces and rough texture, highlighted with black ink, make this piece surprisingly cool to the touch and as heavy as jade. It's a bead-like netsuke with the artist's signature on the bottom, measuring 5.5" L x 4" W x 1.5" H."

A note on Ivory: Real Ivory is the product of elephant hunting.
We are strongly against diminishing any part of nature or living things for the sake of art or our amusement. All of our Ivory pieces were inquired on or before the end of 1960’s. We sell our precious ivory pieces in honor of the elephants and education of the antiquity for us and for generations to come.