Multi-Stone 14K Yellow Gold Bracelet


Description: This vintage multi-stone bracelet is crafted from 14K yellow gold and features a variety of precious stones. The bracelet includes 3 amethysts (0.90ct), 3 citrines (0.90ct), 3 peridot (0.90ct), 3 garnets (0.90ct) and 2 blue topaz (0.60ct) in total. The various stones are set in a unique design that gives a vintage look. With a total weight of 12.3 grams, this bracelet will make a perfect addition to any jewelry collection.


  • Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
  • Main Stones: 3 Amethyst at 0.90ct, 3 Citrine at 0.90ct, 3 Peridot at 0.90ct, 3 Garnet at 0.90ct, 2 Blue Topaz at 0.60ct
  • Total Weight of piece: 12.3g
  • Item Code: 892017