Ankh Diamond Pendant with Diamonds


Description: This stunning Ankh pendant is made of high-quality 18K white gold and features a combination of round diamonds with H color. The total weight of the pendant is 61g, and it comes with a 28in 14K white gold chain. The Ankh symbolizes the key to life and is believed to provide good fortune and protection to those who wear it. The pendant's exquisite craftsmanship and the brilliant diamonds make it an excellent addition to any jewelry collection. The item code for this 18K white gold Ankh diamond pendant is 891324, and it is priced at $10,995.00.


  • Metal: 18K White Gold
  • Main Stone: Round Diamonds with H color
  • Total weight: 61g
  • Chain: 28in 14K White Gold
  • Item Code: 891324
  • Ankh symbolizes the key to life
  • Provides good fortune and protection
  • Exquisite craftsmanship
  • Brilliant diamonds
  • Price: $10,995.00