Gold Plated Frame Cuff Links

$45.00 $60.00

The Gold Plated Stainless Steel Cuff Links are a stylish and durable accessory that are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. These cufflinks are made of 100% stainless steel, which means they are resistant to fading, rust, or corrosion. They are also gold plated, giving them a shiny and polished appearance. The cufflinks have a weight of 16.6g and are identified by the item code 882734.


  • Made of 100% stainless steel
  • Gold plated for a shiny and polished appearance
  • Resistant to fading, rust, or corrosion
  • Weight of 16.6g
  • Item code 882734

These cufflinks are a versatile accessory that can be worn with a wide range of dress shirts and suits. The gold plating ensures that they will maintain their luster over time, and the stainless steel material ensures that they will be durable and long-lasting. Overall, these cufflinks are a stylish and practical choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their wardrobe.