Larimar Chocker

$490.00 $980.00

Hand Carved Sterling Silver Larimar Choker Neck Cuff

Description: This unique choker neck cuff is made in the design of classic Berber jewelry. It is hand-carved from sterling silver and features a piece of blue larimar in the center to add a touch of color and flair. The choker has a total weight of 63g and is a stylish and eye-catching piece that will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.


  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Stone: Larimar
  • Weight: 63g
  • Style: Hand-carved, Berber-inspired choker neck cuff
  • Item Code: 881723

Larimar is the embodiment of the tranquil sea and sky. It’s soft blues and calming turquoise color is streaked with white patterns that resemble sunlight dancing beneath the Caribbean waters.
Our designer captures the beauty of the stone in his unique designs. Some are embellished with other semi-precious stones, while others are uniquely set in Sterling silver from modern designs to Native American.
Pick a piece of Larimar so you will always feel like you are floating in the sea of the Caribbean. Read More