Sterling Silver 1920's Cameo

$397.50 $795.00


Vintage conch shell cameo of lady's profile. The lady has a strand of pearls on her neck and flower headband. The cameo is set in a gorgeous setting made of sterling silver with a hinged bail. Hand carved in Italy from Mediterranean conch shell. 

Could be worn as a brooch or a pendant on a chain. 

Circa 1920


Weight: 6.5g

Size: 30x22mm

Material: Carved conch shell cameo

Metal: Sterling Silver

The iconic cameo is made by engraving an image into an object, most commonly the conch shell. Conch shells carve very well, but their color fades over time. It nearly always features a raised image, usually a woman in white, against a coral orange background, better known as a relief image. The intaglio image is cut into the background of the shell. These are very rare and takes a master skills man to produce. There are few cameo makers because it is one of the hardest challenges for any gemstone carver.