Carved Coral & Diamond Pendant


"Sea God" Carved Coral & Diamond Pendant

Metal: 18K White Gold
Main Stone: Coral Pink
Main Stone Weight: 10.7ct
Main Stone Shape:  Oval
Side Stones A: Diamond Brown
Side Stone Shape A: Round
Side Stone Weight A: 0.32ct
Side Stone B: Diamond Black
Side Stone Shape B: Round
Side Stone Weight B: 0.58ct
Total Weight of piece: 15.5g

Coral is a gemstone but unlike other gemstones that are mineral origin, coral is organic formed by living organism.  Natural coral can come in array of color such as red, orange, pink, white & black. The color comes from algae living inside the coral tissues. Coral lives in tropical waters around the globe. It can take up to 10,000 years for a coral reef to form.  Prices of coral have increased over the years because of the high demand for natural coral. There are international regulations on coral harvesting. Now is the time to Corale that special someone with a piece of coral jewelry.
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