Checkerboard Garnet Ring

$995.00 $1,695.00

14K Yellow Gold Checkerboard Rhodolite Garnet and Diamond East West Ring

Description: This stunning diamond ring features a fancy elongated cut checkerboard rhodolite garnet set in an east west orientation. The garnet is a cushion cut with a rich red color and weighs 8.25 carats. The ring is made of 14K yellow gold and has two diamonds on the side with a total weight of 0.04 carats. The ring weighs 10.07 grams and has a size of 8.5. This ring would make a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. Item code: 876436.


  • Metal: 14K yellow gold
  • Main stone: Rhodolite garnet
  • Main stone shape: Cushion / checkerboard / pineapple
  • Main stone weight: 8.25 carats
  • Main stone size: 10x14mm
  • Side stones: Diamond, round
  • Side stones weight: 0.04 carats
  • Weight: 10.07 grams
  • Size: 8.5
  • Item code: 876436

Much love and respect to the ‘Victorian Rubies’, our garnet jewelry collection is unmatched. The enchanting beauty of deep red, burgundy carries us to magical times where garnet got a first raw sit on the necks, hands, and ears of fancy ladies attending balls, derbies, and other court’s activities. Our collection exceeds beyond Bohemian garnets to the pretty red Mozambique garnets, to the vibrant electrifying green Tsavorite in playful designs. Come and explore our collection at our shop or on our website. Read more about Garnet in our blog post “G is for Garnet”