Sapphire & Diamond Vintage Cuff

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Item Code: 874360


Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
Main Stone: Sapphire Blue
Main Stone Weight: 3.0ct 
Main Stone Shape: Oval
Side Stone: Round Diamond 
Side Stone Weight: 1.0ct, D
Weight Total: 23.31g

Sapphire’s name came from a Greek word meaning blue.
The name sapphire can apply to any corundum that is NOT red and qualify as a Ruby.
Sapphire comes in array of colors such as violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple,
and intermediate hues and are classified as fancy colored sapphires.
Sapphire is a precious gemstone, durable stone that designate as the birthstones of September.
It captures jewelry buyers with its practicality and aura of old world romance.
So Romeo, give your Juliet a Sapphire piece from our collection!