Fleur de lis is the most recognized symbol of New Orleans. People visiting New Orleans ask why are there so many signs, pictures, art, and jewelry and what is its mean. FDL is the Flower of the Lily. Although some people may look at this symbol and think it is a modern symbol of New Orleans, but it has been around since the beginning of the city.


French settlers who founded New Orleans in 1718 honored the Kings ancient ties to New Orleans by flying a Fleur Di Lys flag and the FDL symbol became a early symbol for New Orleans.

Most people think the FDL was just a French symbol but it actually has ancient roots dating back to Babylonia & Egypt. Some also say that Roman nobility invented the symbol representing fidelity. France’s first King used the FDL as a symbol of the Christian Trinity. Later it appeared on crest & flags all over France. The FDL then spread to the rest of Europe symbolizing royalty. Today Prince Charles of England uses a version of the FDL with feathers as his crest representing Prince of Wales.

Over centuries, artist & jewelry designers have created hundreds of styles and designs of the Fleur di Lis. There is no one correct “fleur di lis”

January 02, 2018 — Ester Edry