Gold Alien Head Ring


“The Truth is Out There” Grey Alien Head Ring

Greeting Earthlings!

Hard to see this ring without hearing the well known tune of the Xfile theme song buzzing in your head.

This Gray alien head is the first of our Hot Coolture Collection of Fine FUN pieces, and its for the true believer.

A collection where we bring out the best, for today’s fun people.

This ring was design with the wearer in mind, making this one of the most comfortable largest ring available. The ring is solid 18K yellow gold, not hollow, with the back completely filled. Once held, the 56.7g of the ring feels really good on the hand, seldomly goes without a smile from the holder, a smile that is cracked with the amazing feel of the solid weight. The funny thing about the weight of the ring is how quickly we are getting used to it, craving the need to wear it.

Handmade and polished to perfection.

The gold is polished to a mirror-like surface to give a look that is really out of this world.

The ring measurement is 29mm high knuckle to knuckle. The width of the face is 24.5 at the widest point. The width of the shank measures 7.5mm.

Although heavy and large, this ring sits low on the finger and does not get in the way of daily tasks such as typing, playing guitar, reaching into your jean’s pockets and such.

This design was long awaited in the mind of the designer as a cool piece that could be worn with style and pride to show the quirks and edge of the personality within in a classic, well made way. Many more designs are awaiting for a breath of life, so stay tune or contact us if you have something in mind…

Made in NOLA with LOVE

*ring is shown in a size 9. Weight and measurement refer to ring size 9, other sizes might differ. Please indicate your ring size at checkout. We highly recommend taking a size larger for a more comfortable feel.