VooDooStone Fleur de Lis Ring


Experience the enchantment of New Orleans with our in-house designed VooDooStone Fluer de Lis Ring,

a majestic piece weighing 4.4 grams, crafted in the finest 14K yellow gold and featuring 4ct VooDooStone. The Fleur de Lis, a classic symbol of nobility and grace, is beautifully integrated into the ring's design, adding a touch of cultural history and mystique. While the centerpiece stone's details are veiled in secrecy, it's the whisper of Voodoo magic that truly defines this treasure.

  • Ring Size: 7
  • Material: 14K Yellow Gold,
  • Weight: 4.4g total. 4.00ct VooDooStone.
  • Design: Fleur de Lis crafted in Gold, with Faceted Oval VooDooStone.
  • Item code: 893205