VoodooStone Men's Sterling Silver Oval Ring

$147.50 $295.00


Introducing the VooDooStone - a special stone that perceives light differently than we do. While we can only see a limited range of colors, measured in Kelvin, the VooDooStone can detect and display the full spectrum of colors based on the type of light it is exposed to, be it daylight, fluorescent, incandescent, and more. Now, you can experience the unique magic of this stone with this stunning sterling silver pendant that features:

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Stone: VooDooStone

Item Code: 892077

Crafted with high-quality sterling silver, this ring showcases the ever-changing colors of the VooDooStone, offering a mesmerizing display of hues that will leave you in awe. Please note that the colors displayed by the stone are representative and may not be an exact representation.