1950s Ivory Netsuke: Snake & Rat in Harmony


Unveil the complexity of nature with our "1950s Ivory Netsuke: Snake & Rat in Harmony," a masterful representation of the intricate balance within the natural world. This exceptional piece, dating back to the circa 1950s, features a meticulously carved snake with a rat delicately climbing its coils, symbolizing the unpredictable and intertwined relationships among living creatures. The artistry of ivory carving is displayed in full glory, capturing every scale of the snake and the delicate features of the rat with astonishing precision. This netsuke is not just an artifact; it's a celebration of the timeless allure of ivory carving, a craft that transcends time and continues to fascinate collectors and art enthusiasts alike.


  • Material: Ivory
  • Theme: Snake with Climbing Rat
  • Technique: Skillfully Hand-Carved
  • Era: Circa 1950
  • Condition: Intricately Detailed, Preserved
  • Cultural Significance: Represents Nature's Complexity and Harmony

A Note on Ivory:

At David's, we are deeply committed to the ethical treatment of all natural resources and living beings. We want to assure our patrons that all ivory items within our collection were responsibly acquired on or before the end of the 1960s, ahead of the global elephant conservation initiatives. Our aim in offering these historic ivory pieces is to honor the majestic elephants and to contribute to the education about the significance of these artifacts for both our generation and those to come. Through preserving and sharing these exquisite pieces, we hope to foster a deeper understanding and respect for nature's marvels and the importance of their preservation.