Vintage Ivory Foo Lion Monster Netsuke with Pearl


Dive into the rich tapestry of Japanese art with our vintage netsuke, showcasing a masterfully carved Foo Lion Monster in genuine ivory. This exquisite piece, created around 1950, captures the essence of traditional craftsmanship and cultural heritage. The Foo Lion, a mythical guardian, is depicted in meticulous detail, standing watch over a precious pearl, a symbol of wisdom and beauty. Utilizing the hot needle technique, each curve and texture is brought to life, making this netsuke a stunning representation of the artistry involved in ivory carving. This piece not only serves as a captivating artifact of Japanese lore but also as a beautiful testament to the skillful art of ivory carving from a bygone era.


  • Material: Genuine Ivory
  • Technique: Hot Needle Carving
  • Theme: Foo Lion Monster Guarding Pearl
  • Era: Circa 1950
  • Condition: Intricately Detailed, Preserved with Care
  • Cultural Significance: Embodies Japanese Tradition and Artistry
  • Item Code: 882651

Note on Ivory:

We at [Your Company Name] stand firmly for the preservation of wildlife and the natural world. In alignment with our values of social responsibility, all ivory pieces in our collection were acquired prior to the end of the 1960s. Our commitment extends beyond the sale of these items; it's an homage to the elephants and a pledge to educate future generations about the importance of conservation. Through the appreciation of these historical artifacts, we aim to honor the beauty of nature's creations while advocating for their protection and preservation.