Antique Blue Topaz & Seed Pearl Brooch


Antique 15K Yellow Gold London Blue Topaz and Seed Pearl Brooch from 1890

Description: This stunning antique brooch is a true treasure from the Victorian era, dating back to around 1890. The brooch is made of 15K yellow gold and has a beautiful vine design. It features a sparkling London blue topaz main stone that is round shaped and weighs 0.22 carats. The main stone has an AA rating and is 3.5mm in size. The brooch is also adorned with delicate seed pearl side stones. The brooch has a pin bail type and weighs 3.29 grams. Item code: 878797.


  • Metal: 15K yellow gold
  • Main stone: London blue topaz
  • Main stone shape: Round
  • Main stone weight: 0.22 carats
  • Main stone rating: AA
  • Side stones: Seed pearls
  • Bail type: Pin
  • Weight: 3.29 grams
  • Item code: 878797

Topaz is the birthstone for December and symbolizes love and affection. 
It has been said that it adds to one’s sweetness and disposition.
Topaz gets its name from a Greek word Topaz-ion meaning fire and the isle named St. John’s Island.
Topaz is an ideal gemstone with its hardness of 8.0 on the scale and its desirable colors make it extremely popular. The availability and abundance of this gemstone adds to its popularity.