Tennis Bracelet VoodooStone

$197.50 $395.00

VooDooStone: is a special stone; it sees light differently than we do. Light comes in colors (measured in a unit of temperature called Kelvin). We cannot see those colors, the VooDooStone can. When the type of light changes, (daylight, fluorescent, incandescent etc) VooDooStone will instantly change with it.

Description: Experience the unique magic of the VooDooStone in this stunning sterling silver tennis bracelet. This special stone sees light in a way that we can't, changing its color to match the type of light around it. The ring is crafted with 3g of 925 sterling silver and features a 7mm VooDooStone. Enjoy the change with this stunning piece of jewelry.


  • Material: Sterling Silver (925)
  • Weight: 16g
  • Stone: VooDooStone
  • Item Code: 892071

Due to the stone's ability to change color, the colors displayed are representative and not an exact representation.