Hey there, fellow New Orleans Lovers! It's Sharona here.

I’m part of the team at David's, where I’ve spent the last decade surrounded by beautiful, timeless jewelry. But when I’m not matching vintage pieces with modern looks, I’m out exploring the best spots in our city. And today, I’m thrilled to share one of my absolute favorites with you – Doris Metropolitan.

Why Doris Metropolitan is My Must-Visit Spot

So, why am I all about Doris? Picture this: walking into a place that feels both upscale and laid-back, where the vibe is just as important as the meal. That’s Doris for you. It’s got this younger, semi-casual atmosphere that I just love. Perfect for when you want to dress up but not too much.

What to Eat

Let me tell you about the food because, oh boy, it’s something else. I always start with their vegetarian dishes. Yes, I’m all about the steak (and trust me, we’ll get to that), but their opening dishes? Chef’s kiss! They’re so good, even my meat-loving friends can’t get enough.

Now, the steaks – they’re the main event. High-quality, cooked to perfection, and each bite is like a little piece of heaven. It’s a splurge, sure, but absolutely worth it for those special nights out.

When to Go

Honestly? Anytime you’re feeling fancy or just need to treat yourself. I like going in the evenings when the place buzzes with energy, and it feels like the whole city’s there to unwind and indulge.

So, Here’s the Thing

Dining at Doris Metropolitan isn’t just eating out; it’s an experience. It’s about enjoying life, celebrating moments, and, of course, eating some of the best food in New Orleans.

Your Turn!

I can’t wait to hear about your gems in New Orleans! Swing by the shop and let’s chat about your favorites. Or better yet, share your spots with us online with #DavidsNolaGems. Maybe I’ll discover my next favorite place thanks to you.

Catch you around town,


March 26, 2024 — Sharona Edry