Citrine is a quartz stone but people easily confuse it as a topaz. Citrine is recognized as one of the most popular & frequently purchased yellow stone because of its beautiful vibrant color. Today, its attractive color, durability and affordability share with most other quartz stones but citrine is the top selling yellow to orange stone.

A trace of iron in citrine’s strikes is responsible for its yellowish to orange color. Its hardness on the scale is a 7 which makes it durable for most jewelry pieces.

Citrine, like most semi-precious stones are evaluated valued on the 4 C’s, Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Eye visible inclusions are not common in Citrine.  If present, it does decrease the value of the stone.

Over the years, gems from the Victorian era have surfaced and its not hard to imagine that citrine was treasured even in earlier times.

The high-end designers and gem carvers have fashioned the beautiful yellow stone into unusual cuts and shapes to create stunning pieces.

This semi-precious stone was known to mined in Brazil and Bolivia.

January 02, 2018 — Ester Edry