Blue Topaz Dragon Cuff

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This is an unbelievable malleable bangle bracelet showcasing in detail the head & tail of a dragon. Crafted from sterling silver, this bangle was made from love to the unusual and dramatic pieces of wearable art. My desire is for big drama-infused pieces of jewelry that are not only to be large but also comfortable, detailed oriented & refined. This bracelet is one of the hardest things in life to find. We all know that feeling when we wear our favorite piece, the right one that accompany us for several years. Even though this is a huge bangle, it could be the one you cannot walk out of the house without. Made from sterling silver & weight 115.20 grams. The body of the bangle bracelet is made of weaved rounded pattern that can easily be moved as you as putting it on and off. 

The bracelet was designed to become a stacking piece so you can wear multiple bracelets or bangles together for a more dramatic look. 

On top of the dragon’s head you’ll fine 3 stunning fully faceted natural gemstone. Bezel set for extra durability and smoothness. The tail if finished with a tiny stone in the middle of the tail for extra shine and for a better, more thought out finished look for the piece. 

This piece has been crafted from Earth's finest - silver and gems. The design of the bracelet bangle came from years of searching and perfecting designs that are interesting to see, comfortable to wear daily all day, and is beautifully well made. Stones are carefully selected by a gemologist with a very selective calibrated eye. 

This beauty should be worn with pride.  Made with Love down in New Orleans.

Dragons are empowering motif in our jewelry, we use the same serious looking dragon face over and over in our pieces. If we could, we would have him as a pet.

This bracelet assures the wearer many compliments and attention.  

Item Specifications:

 fits 7.5-8.5” wrist 

115.20g Weight

 Sterling Silver (.925) 

Item Code: 887683

Topaz is the birthstone for December and symbolizes love and affection. It has been said that it adds to one’s sweetness and disposition.
Topaz gets its name from a Greek word Topaz-ion meaning fire and the isle named St. John’s Island.
Topaz is an ideal gemstone with its hardness of 8.0 on the scale and its desirable colors make it extremely popular. The availability and abundance of this gemstone adds to its popularity. Read More.