Small Double Sided FDL Pendant



Metal: 14K yellow gold 

Weight: 2.1

This is a very traditional French Monarch fleur de lis, designed to be worn by French royalty only. This fleur has a very long and pronounced top middle leaf, symbolized the elite. (We are all Queens and Kings of our worlds!) It is one of our best-selling fleur de lis design, we have it the following options in either 14K gold or sterling silver:

Small single-sided 

Small double-sided

Medium single-sided 

Medium double-sided

Large single-sided 

Large double-sided

Done in 14K yellow gold. Highly polished 

*Chain is not included

**Matching earrings available 

The Fleur de Lis is a stylized Lily flower. It was used for centuries in Europe and brought to Louisiana by the House of Bourbon. Post disastrous hurricane Katrina, the Fleur de Lis became the official symbol of the state of Louisiana and was used as a hopeful sign of rebuilt. Further than the rich history of the Fleur de Lis, it is a very popular design worldwide.