Citrine, Pearl & Quartz Necklace

$3,147.50 $6,295.00

Citrine, Fresh Water Pearl & Quartz Necklace

Metal: Sterling Silver (.925)
Main Stone: Citrine Yellow
Side Stone 1: Pearl White
Side Stone 2: Quartz Clear
Total Weight: 257.1g

*Look for the matching ring, earrings or cuff.

Citrine is recognized as one of the most popular & frequently purchased yellow gemstone, although it is a quartz stone, it is easily confused with a topaz, but considered a semi-precious stone. Citrine is the Birthstone for November.
Citrine is available in all standard shapes and sizes, but many high-end designers and gem carvers have fashioned the beautiful yellow gem into unusual cuts for jewelry and carvings as you will see in our citrine collection.