Modern Fleur De Lis Cuff

$197.50 $395.00

This is a beautiful, highly polished Fleur de Lis cut out cuff. 
A very slick and modern twist on a classic fleur de lis. 

Metal: Sterling Silver (.925) / with rhodium plating for long lasting shine
Weight: 45.3g
Size: L: 6.5* inches X W: 1 inches / *inner diameter excluding gap
Wrist size: 6-7.5 inches / **other sizes upon request

***Matching earrings, pendant or ring are available

The Fleur de Lis (FDL) is the most recognized symbol of New Orleans. People visiting New Orleans often ask why are there so many FDL and what does it mean. The meaning of the FDL is Flower of the Lily. Although some people may look at the FDL as a modern symbol of New Orleans, it has been here since the beginning of the city. As you visit New Orleans, you will see the symbol in the different anticultural of the city. You can own a piece of history for yourself by purchasing any of our FDL designs we have in our shop. For more information read our ‘Fleur De Lis’ blog